Training Programme Funders

Our funders include:


Traditional Maritime Skills Project



"Preserving traditional boat building skills and promoting their potential to strengthen competitiveness and employment in the marine sector throughout the 2 Seas area."


Sailing Heritage is Under Threat!

The skills unique to wooden boat building are known to a small and decreasing number of experts, who are of progressing age. If no action is taken, it is only a matter of time before these skills become extinct.


About the Project

The Traditional Maritime Skills Project targets these threats to marine development in one go. The cross-border cooperation creates a commitment by all partners to preserving traditional boat building skills in the four countries of the 2 Seas area for the long-term. They will collect and record these skills, promote their use in traditional and modern boat building and increase the number of people pursuing education and a career in boat building. 

Attend our Workskills Course

Are you unemployed and wanting to improve your prospecs of getting work? Do you find it hard to get an interview or lack the confidence and technique to be successful in an interview?


Cornwall Marine Network is runnig a series of FREE Jobs Club courses delivering best-practice advice and training that will greatly improve your chances.

Cornwall Apprenticeship Scheme (Apprentices)

Exciting career opportunities are available now...LEARN WHILE YOU EARN!

The Apprenticeship scheme delivered by Cornwall Marine Network offers a new and unique approach to enhancing your work experience and qualifications, as well as earning a wage.

Stand out from the crowd by gaining work alongside experienced staff to develop job specific skills and recognised qualifications as well as receiving support from the CMN team throughout the programme.

Why become an apprentice?

  • Earn a salary
  • Receive training, advice and guidance from our specialist training team
  • Become a valued member of the team through your work experience with a business
  • Gain recognised qualifications to enhance your knowledge and your CV

Let CMN's Apprenticeship programme be the first step towards building your future career by learning from successful professionals now.

Cornwall Apprenticeship Scheme (Employers)

Harness fresh new talent and take on Apprentices to help your business grow...


The Apprenticeship scheme delivered by CMN offers a new and unique approach to enhancing your workforce, bundled with a guaranteed package of benefits that will genuinely support your business and its needs.

Not only is CMN's Apprenticeship programme great for business but it is specifically designed to have a long-term and significant impact on the competitiveness of our Cornish marine sector.

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