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Traditional Maritime Skills Project



"Preserving traditional boat building skills and promoting their potential to strengthen competitiveness and employment in the marine sector throughout the 2 Seas area."


Sailing Heritage is Under Threat!

The skills unique to wooden boat building are known to a small and decreasing number of experts, who are of progressing age. If no action is taken, it is only a matter of time before these skills become extinct.


About the Project

The Traditional Maritime Skills Project targets these threats to marine development in one go. The cross-border cooperation creates a commitment by all partners to preserving traditional boat building skills in the four countries of the 2 Seas area for the long-term. They will collect and record these skills, promote their use in traditional and modern boat building and increase the number of people pursuing education and a career in boat building. 

Available schemes and courses

1. Support for Young People

pic_anglegrinderThe marine sector offers exciting and rewarding career opportunities and we're working with young people in order to ensure a steady supply of new, young talent into the sector.

We are currently running various projects working with young people.


For 14 to 16 year olds we offer the chance to gain experience and qualifications that otherwise might not be achieved through school.


For unemployed young people between the ages of 16 and 19 we offer to help them get back on track by engaging them in training and encouraging them to gain qualifications in order that they achieve success and employment in the Cornish marine sector. 


Also, during 18 week programmes a range of additional support is offered such as CV writing, applying for jobs and interview skills, all helping build confidence and to help the Learner into employment.

For more information, please contact Dave Wickes on 01326 211382 or email

2. Short Courses

Short courses can be used as a way of quickly gaining skills and knowledge in a particular field, without long periods away from your business.

pic_undershipYou learn what you need to know in as short a time as possible, and this has less impact on the day-to-day running of your business.

Short courses are defined as any short training event (half-day, one or two days) that is essential to helping you manage and run your business.

We can arrange events at locations and times to suit your business needs.

For more information, please contact  Bethany Allen on 01326 211382 or email on

3. Other training and training grants

CMN realises that your business is unique and that sometimes you'll need specialised courses.

We have access to funding that allows us to help fund any courses that you are completing.

In order for us to assess if we can help with a grant we need to know the following:

  • Course title & level (where known)
  • Attendee(s) name(s)
  • Cost
  • Duration of course (in days)
  • Date you intend to start (or if already undertaken the start date)
  • Date completed (if already undertaken)

Once we receive this information we will be able to confirm how much CMN will provide via a grant.

Please note that we can sometimes, at CMN discretion, help towards travelling costs when the cost of a course/event is free of charge.


4. National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) for Marine Sector Employees

Cornwall Marine Network are able to support your employees gaining their Nationalal Vocational Qualifications. NVQs:

  • Recognise what a person is able to do at work,
  • Are based on industry standards, which must be met to be competent in a particular task
  • Are very flexible, a candidate doesn’t have to start at Level 1 but at the level appropriate to his/her job and abilities - Qualifications are made up of a number of nationally recognised units
  • Are gained when all the assessment routes have been achieved
  • There is no need to go to college or to sit exams; assessment can be done in the workplace using CMN’s team of assessors.

If you would like to discuss gaining an NVQ for yourself or an employee, please contact Kate Reed at Cornwall Marine Network on 01326 211382 or email:


5. CMN Assessor Team

National Vocational Qualifications are assessed in the workplace. We're always on the lookout for individuals experienced and qualified so that they can become an assessor and be paid to assess others at work, helping them gain their NVQs. If you are interested in becoming an assessor please contact Jan Carter on 01326 211382 or email:

How to apply

To discuss any aspect of your training requirements please contact Bethany or Jan on 01326 211382.  Alternatively please email:

Bethany Allen,

Jan Carter,


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