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Cornwall Marine Network

Traditional Maritime Skills Project



Preserving traditional boat building skills & promoting their potential to strengthen competitiveness & employment in the marine sector throughout the 2 Seas area.



Sailing Heritage is Under Threat!

The skills unique to wooden boat building are known to a small and decreasing number of experts, who are of progressing age. If no action is taken, it is only a matter of time before these skills become extinct.


Across the 2 Seas area (the English Channel and the North Sea) there is a rich marine history, with a wealth of ships and boats steeped in nautical heritage and character. It is both a key part of these regions' history and economy, as well as an important cultural attraction for visitors.


The of the traditions and skills of this maritime industry is an important asset which is highly valued by those living in the regions along the coast... and so the Traditional Maritime Skills Project was established with partners from the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands to preserve boatbuilding for future generations.


About the Project

The Traditional Maritime Skills Project targets these threats to marine development in one go. The cross-border cooperation creates a commitment by all partners to preserving traditional boat building skills in the four countries of the 2 Seas area for the long-term. They will collect and record these skills, promote their use in traditional and modern boat building and increase the number of people pursuing education and a career in boat building.


Solutions to the Problem

There are 4 solutions the Traditional Maritime Skills project is putting into action:

  • Collect and record traditional boat building skills
  • Promote these skills in traditional and modern ship and boat building
  • Increase the number of people pursuing education and a career in wooden boat building
  • Develop an outline for a training programme on traditional boat and ship building skills that can be customised

The Traditional Maritime Skills project will create tools for your use:

  • A training programme on traditional boat and ship building skills to develop multi skilled boat building professionals
  • Promotional material for educational organisations e.g. fact sheets, displays, posters and presentations
  • An online virtual learning environment with a bank of interactive resources

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